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Not so fast...

After nearly a two years' trip into the deep mysteries of LCSs one expects to comprehend the intrinsics of these family of techniques. Dozens of papers and unimaginable hours behind and I am, still, hooked with the very basics. These are the thoughts of a wannabe researcher that makes baby steps into the research world. But first let me introduce myself briefly: I have spent a reasonable amount of time and effort with XCS-alike algorithms. I implemented myself, from the very scratch, the most relevant ones, and tested them uncountable times. But I am still learning about the basics. Every single time.
Recently I re-implemented the good old XCSR, and I found a lot of trouble with it. Devil is in every detail, and I get him face to face. What is one supposed to do when stuck with a technique he is supposed to be a master of (or, at least, with a certain amount of experience behind with)?
I confess I was very upset with myself. Depressed, with thoughts of failure flooding inside my m…