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Value in science is currently measured by the index of citations received via your journal articles. More specifically, the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) is the organism that designates the "value" (in academic terms) of the scientific journals scientists publish on. To this purpose, this organism gives a ranking in terms of what is called impact factor (IF)---to be honest they give distinct rankings but for this post we will stick to the IF. In short and greatly simplifying, this metric is measured as the number of citations the articles of a particular journal has divided by the total number of articles published in the journal. In this regard, the more papers a scientist has in high IF journals the better CV the researcher has. So, as a scientist and wannabe researcher your interest is to publish articles in journals that appear in the JCR list. 
In the particular case of Computer Science, publishing in journals is, generally, for free. The journal gets the income by th…